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Acceleration Tire proudly serves the metro Halifax area since 2016.

The owner is a Chinese international student, who studied Electrical Engineering and Automotive Service & Repair in Maritime since 2002 and stay, work & raise the family here after graduated. With the passion for automotive and strong personal relationship with people working in China tire industry, The owner started Acceleration Tire from a home garage-based operation. 

Since then, Acceleration Tire has been seeking and negotiating directly to major tire manufacturers in China, which the country produces about 40% of the world tire market yearly. Among those major tire factories, many have a joint venture with world leading brand name companies, such as Michelin, Firestone, Copper, Pirelli, Kumho, Continental etc. Besides producing the OEM name brand tires for Asia market, those factories also manufacture their own brand tire via the same machine, the same people and the same technology. Those tires pass the same quality control as the big name brand tires but at a lower price tag. By carefully evaluation and selection, Acceleration Tire brings the same quality, as brand name's,  tires to Halifax at a very affordable price. 

Starting 2018 winter, Acceleration Tire opens a new retail shop. It conveniently locates at 2721 Sackville Dr, Upper Sackville, NS. The ease of access Hwy 101 provides more convenience for the customers not only in the Metro area but also in Vally and up north part of province via Hwy 102 and 101 interchange.

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